Top 5 Dog Toys for Labradors

Top 5 Dog Toys for Labradors

So you have a Labrador...

Labs are excellent dogs to add to your family. They are intelligent, loving, playful, protective, and great with children! They have proven all of these characteristics since 1820! From a young age, Labradors tend to have a little more energy than most dogs. It is pretty crucial that they have the necessary toys to keep them entertained, or you might end up with a mess on your hands. So what is the best way to keep your pup from destroying the house? There are many products out there for animals, but which ones is your lab going to like the best? Here is a list of the 5 best dog toys for Labradors, and why they are the best!

1. The Kong Rubber Flyer

The Kong Rubber Flyer is a best seller among the pet world. This disc is not only durable; it is also made out of natural rubber so it is safe on teeth and gums. The only downside to this disc is it doesn′t fly as well as the plastic Frisbees. However, with a little extra kick in your throw and this disc will be flying perfectly. To top off a great product, this one is also made in the USA!

2. Catch and Release Toy

This Catch and Release toy is excellent for labs of all ages. It is helpful when training your pup different commands. It is a good way to play with your lab and keep them entertained for a long time. It is not as durable as one would think, though. This toy should not be used in a full on game of tug of war, or it might just snap in half. However, with this purchase, you are getting two in one! You can play fetch with your pup, or detach the toy on the end so they can play by themselves. Other toys can also be attached to the end! All in all, because of this product′s multifunction, it is worth the buy!

3. BazooK9 Tennis ball Launcher

The BazooK9 is just as cool as it looks! This bestseller not only launches regular tennis balls for your lab to retrieve, but it also comes equipped with TWO SQUEAKY tennis balls! It is incredibly durable, and the launch release handle is not difficult to operate. On top of that, this launcher can shoot the tennis balls at a long distance, so your lab will get plenty of exercises!

4. Tether Tug

Tether Tug is a classic toy for labs, which is why it`s one of the best! It sticks in the ground and is strong enough to play tug of war all day long. There′s not much else to do with this toy, but sit back and relax outside with your lab! Just make sure you keep an eye on your dog with this toy. Since labs are extra playful, they might end up winning in their game of tug of war!

5. IFetch Too Interactive Ball Thrower

This IFetch Too is great for the lab that may have a little more spunk in them than the rest, or for the dog parent that may not be home all time. It is an interactive toy that not only teaches your dog to retrieve and return, but also allows them to play happily for hours by themselves. The one downside to this toy is it is a little pricey. You can get different versions of this toy ranging in prices between $50.00-$291.00. However, many would agree that this toy is a good investment that will keep your lab happy and healthy for years to come.

Ready To Shop For Dog Toys?

Now that you′ve gotten familiar with some of the best toys out there for labs, are you ready to buy one? You can find the toys in the list above on, which offers them for a lower price than compared to retail stores. Your devoted pal is always there for you and counts on you for play time; don′t you owe it to your furry friend to get a toy that will bring the two of you some fun times?