Top 5 Dog Toys for Beagles

Top 5 Dog Toys for Beagles

How to Choose the Perfect Toy for This Friendly Breed

Energetic, curious, and cute as a button, beagles are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the United States. These dogs are scent hounds, following their noses into every intriguing situation and into our hearts. This breed needs a loving companion who can help them satisfy their need to search through healthy play. Are you looking for the right type of toy to keep your beagle happy and satisfy their inquisitive instincts? Well, look no further. Get your hands on these five best dog toys for beagles.

1. Skinneeez Takeaway

Beagles are natural diggers and climbers. If they are bored, you may risk ends of your carpet being ripped up, or an outside fence jumped. To combat this, try the SkinneeezTakeaway dog toy which is great for hours of outdoor enjoyment. The plush toy can be tied to a string and swung around for you to tease your dog, much like similar cat toys. The downside to this toy, though, is that it can be destroyed easily if left with your beagle unsupervised. Us it when you and your beagle want to enjoy some fun together.

2. Nylabone Dura Chew Sax-O-Bone

Some beagles have a hard time being left alone by their owners. For those beagles that may miss you when you′re away, try giving them a toy that makes noise. A NylaboneDura Chew Sax-O-Bone makes a fun crackling sound that will keep them engaged while they are by themselves. The center twists around as they bite it, emitting the sound and keeping your curious pup wanting more. And for those owners who want to relax after a long day of work, the durability of this bone ensures that you won′t be picking up its pieces later.

3. Busy Buddy Barnacle

The BusyBuddy Barnacle is a toy that can keep your beagle entertained with its unpredictable bounces. Made up of three separate rubber balls joined by a single mold, this toy is great for solo or joint play. The magic of this toy is that each ball has chambers that can be stuffed with treats. As your dog tosses it around it will bounce in different directions releasing a yummy treat with each impact. You can throw this toy during a game of catch or let your dog release his inner basketball player and discovering his treat himself.

4. Outward Hound Invincibles Plush Snake

Another toy for lonely beagles is the OutwardHound Invincibles Plush Snake. This toy has squeakers to amuse your pet, but is also soft and plush, so it serves as a good companion toy. We′ve all seen or heard stories of dogs tearing open stuffed toys and scattering their innards everywhere, right? Well, this miracle toy is stuffing-less! It has an extra tough lining to avoid tearing and even its squeakers will still work after an intense chew session.

5. Wham-O Velocity-Grip Frisbee Disc

Exercising your beagle is very important in keeping their energy levels down and maintaining their weight at a healthy level. The Wham-OVelocity-Grip Frisbee Disc gives your dog a chance to run and leap trying to catch it as you throw it over long distances. It′s flexible enough for easy gripping in your dog′s mouth and durable enough to stand up to hard biting. Plus, its bendable quality makes it easy on his teeth and gums. And remember, like all toys that you′ll want for your pet, this one is non-toxic too!

Ready to Shop for Your Beagle?

Isn′t it time you found out what your beagle really loves? Picking dog toys for your beagle just got easier. From Nylabones to Frisbee discs, these toys can help you to bond with your best friend while keeping him or her healthy and happy. They can be found at where great gifts at a great price are just a click away. Your beagle will thank you!