Top 5 Dog Toys for German

Top 5 Dog Toys for German


How Playtime Can Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

German Shepherds have been a favorite breed for dog lovers since the early 1900′s. They are intelligent, confident, hard-working, and they make great family pets! This large dog′s attractiveness is only matched by its extreme intelligence. With such a smart and powerful dog, you′re going to need to be able to challenge them mentally and physically. Are you trying to find the best way to exercise your dog′s mind as well as his energetic spirit? Well, you′re in luck! Here is a list of the five best dog toys for German Shepherds to help you give your dog an exciting challenge.

1. Kong Extreme Dog Bone

Rubber bones are quite common among dog owners, but the KongExtreme Dog Bone takes playtime to the next level. This dog toy is made out of a very tough rubber that is virtually impossible to destroy. Not only does it provide a stress and energy release for your dog, but it also conveniently hides treats inside to keep your pet interested. Pay attention to the type and size of treats you put inside this toy, though, to be sure that your dog can reach their reward.

2. Fresh-N-Floss

The Fresh-N-Floss is a great toy to let you interact with your dog. It′s a simple braided rope, tug-of-war toy that can provide hours of back and forth fun for your dog, you and your family, and even other dogs. The beauty of this dog toy is that it has fresh dental floss woven throughout the braid. It is easy on your dog′s gums and teeth while it cleans and freshens with added baking soda for fighting plaque and tartar. What a great alternative to uncomfortable tooth brushing!

3. WestPaw Bumi Dog Toy

This toy is perfect for active dogs like German Shepherds. Many owners and their dogs are familiar playing with tennis balls and Frisbees, but the WestPawBumi Dog Toy has all of that and more. Shaped like an ″S″, it flies through the air quickly and is easy to hold in your hand and for your dog to carry in his mouth. It′s ideal for throwing for a game of fetch. It stretches for a bit of tugging fun. It even floats for playtime at the lake or in the pool.

4. Dog Casino

Like the Kong, the DogCasino allows you to use treats to encourage your dog to play. The difference is that this dog toy will make your German Shepard think to get their treat. This puzzle toy contains drawers that can be filled with treats randomly and closed with removable pegs that ″lock″ the drawers. Your dog will have to remove the pegs in order to find the treat. Armed with their keen sense of smell and logic skills your German Shepherd will be able to exercise his mind in a fun and productive way.

5. Tuffy Mega Creature

Soft, plush toys are usually a no-no for large dogs with powerful jaws, such as the German Shepherd, but the TuffyMega Creature dog toys break that rule. The stuffed animals are made with luggage grade fabric and the reinforced stitching helps to prevent your dog from tearing it apart. This is perfect for those German Shepherds who like to snuggle with something soft but can also destroy a plush dog toy within minutes. Complete with squeakers inside, the Tuffy Mega Creature be your dog′s new playmate and bedtime companion. For an added bonus it is also machine washable!

Excited to Go Dog Toy Shopping?

Now that you′ve seen this great variety of toys that you can introduce to your pet, are you ready to spice up playtime? Specific for the German Shepherd′s needs, these toys for dogs can provide the mental and physical stimulation they need, complete with love and affection from you and your family. All of these toys are available on, which offers great deals and will ship your orders right to your door. Your furry friend will be eagerly waiting for the mailman right with you, ready to start having fun!